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Autumn light over Wellington Harbour

I love the Autumn light in Wellington especially when a storm has just cleared – I was on my way to an assignment at the top of Kelburn and spotted the last of the day shining over Wellington Harbour.  

Stunning views of Wellington Harbour

2014_07_15 Wellington Harbour God Rays

This was the view I was greeted with this morning driving in Kelburn looking back to the Hutt Valley over Wellington’s CBD and Harbour. It made me pull over the car and grab the camera out!

Wellington waterfront post storm

This is a frame I shot on the way to a commission, looking back over the Wellington Harbour in the post tropical storm Lusi calm. It’s still really warm in Wellington following the strange weather conditions. I liked how the red in the chopper stood out against the grey of the day…

Wellington City from Days Bay Wharf

While on an assignment in Days Bay today, I took my camera for a little walk after lunch and went down the the waterfront. This is a view of Wellington City, with the Days Bay Wharf in the foreground. Days Bay is a really tranquil spot, even with the strong storm front passing by – […]

Life Flight Trust Westpac Rescue Helicopter winch training

On Saturday January 14, 2011, I stopped by the Life Flight Trust as there was mention that they were going to be doing some winch training. This training is a regular occurrence to keep the paramedics up to date and current with being lowered from the helicopter to a moving vessel at sea. They were able […]

Killer Whales in Wellington Harbour!

Orca in Wellington Harbour

On the way back from a corporate shoot in Wellington, we spotted lots of people looking over the side of Oriental Bay at the water. I pulled over to check out what all the fuss was about and saw 3 Orca coming right in close to the waters edge. They were juvenile Orca – the big ones were […]