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Rescue Helicopter pilot and crewman profile

I was out of town when this article ran in the Wednesday 14th May edition of the Dominion Post. I heard about it from the Life Flight Trust – they supplied the profile portrait of the two involved in the rescue which Id taken at the hangar. It shows the value of having environmental portraits […]

Life Flight TV series is cleared for takeoff!

I’m pleased to be able to write about a TV series that I’ve been keeping quite for over a year now. I worked photographing the Westpac Rescue Helicopter missions in 2012. The assignment concluded when a TV crew started filming both the heli and the air ambulance. It was great meeting the film crew and […]

New look for Life Flight air ambulance

screen capture of published photo of mine: Life Flight Trust air ambulance

Link to the news article: Link to the Life Flight Trust news page with story: Yesterday, the Life Flight trust launched their new air ambulance. I was there to cover the event and add to the collection of images that we shot earlier of the plane with the new Weta designed ‘bandage design.’ Its a […]

Edited Timelapse video of Life Flight Trust open day posted

Life Flight Trust Open Day video link

I just got this update from the Life Flight Trust, they have posted the video I helped work on. I shot the time-lapse footage from two angles. It was spliced in with B-Roll and snaps of the people attending the day. Really nice use of the various mediums in a fun way to share the […]

Missing diver on Wellington’s south coast rescued by Westpac rescue helicopter

I arrived at the Life Flight Trust this morning and no sooner had I put my gear down, there was a call for a rescue mission with the rescue helicopter. I quickly got my camera gear in order and joined the team suiting up for the mission. We took off and went south of Wellington […]

Life Flight Trust Westpac Rescue Helicopter winch training

On Saturday January 14, 2011, I stopped by the Life Flight Trust as there was mention that they were going to be doing some winch training. This training is a regular occurrence to keep the paramedics up to date and current with being lowered from the helicopter to a moving vessel at sea. They were able […]

Gear for going up in the Westpac Rescue Helicopter

In order to be safe while up on the rescue missions, I made the call that I want nothing to dropp or fall from me including gear. To do this, I have rigged up a simple system that works well. It consists of a heavy duty grip belt from which I have looped climbing rope […]

Editorial: Life Flight Trust rescue work

Photo of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter

I have been commissioned to photograph the work done by the Life Flight Trust. The Life Flight Trust is a charity providing nationwide air ambulance services and the Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter. As I write this post, I am sitting in a spare office at the Trust, which located at the airport, with the hangars opening […]