Instructions for downloading ZIP files

A popular, fast and efficient method of delivering high resolution files to clients for us is via a ZIP file download. A ZIP is simply a single file that contains any number of folders and files in one ‘package.’ A key benefit is that no registration or password is required to access the service. You […]

Accessing Archive downloads:

If you received an email invite from Mark Tantrum Photography with the subject line “Download Image Gallery”, and you wish to download all images in the gallery or collection, this doc is for you. It provides step-by-step instructions on downloading a full set a high-resolution, non-watermarked images to your hard drive. Step 1: Open Email […]

Wedding FAQs

About Mark Tantrum Photography Ltd. Weddings Thank you for your interest in my wedding photography. Here are some frequently asked questions that I get. What experience do I have? I have been doing wedding photography professionally since 1996. It was humble beginnings initially, covering friends and family members weddings. I was fortunate the following year […]

Location Scout Museum Building, Massey University

Today I met with Phillip Harris, Campus Events and Conference Coordinator at the Museum Building, Tokomaru, Massey University of Wellington. He was gracious with his time and showed me around the venue, answering all my questions. I started my tour by getting some shots of the outside of the building. The covered entrance makes for […]

Prefered Vendor list

These are vendors that I have worked with and would recommend to my clients looking for a reputable company. Wedding Venues The Old Museum Building, Massey University, Wellington New Zealand. While I have not photographed here, I have a friend who went to a corporate function and raved about how cool it was. When I […]

Anatomy of Master File

I am currently updating my wedding and portrait portfolio. When I choose a photo to showcase to clients, I then try to get the best of the image by creating a “Master Image.” This is a multi layered Photoshop file, that builds up the best elements I like in the photo. To illustrate- here is […]

F.A.Q. Getting Ready for a shoot

These are some of the most frequently asked questions from my clients prior to a portrait shoot and generally what I advise… What should we wear? The clothing you wear says as much about you as the location that is chosen to have your portrait made. It is an important consideration, but one that need […]