Storms hit Wellington region, a yacht on the rocks

On June 19, 2015 I was driving to Wellington past Wellington Airport and saw a yacht’s mast sticking up from the breakwater on the Evans Bay side. I knew that was seriously odd, so I rounded the roundabout and drove back to check it out. A One News TV cameraman was just pulling in at the same time. We both got out and braced the howling northerly to take a look. There was a ute parked up looking at the scene. I asked the guys there if they know what had happened and they introduced me to the owner Matthew Wilson. He was starting to talk with the insurance company about the strategies for recovering the vessel.  I ended up holding the microphone for the TV interview and came back later that day to get some more photos as the tide was rising. There was a team working to pump out the water in an attempt to refloat the yacht. The next day, it was gone. I’m hoping that all went well and the damage is reparable. Let me know if you heard anything – it would be great to complete the story in my head! I contacted Getty Images and they have run them on their site:


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