First time at the IRB Sevens rugby tournament

The Sevens have been a cultural institution in Wellington for over a decade. It grew to be one of the biggest events in the calendar with sold out crowds and huge numbers in fancy dress. I heard from an official on the field that the party started with the Lion Red sponsored “Red Zones.” These had Lion red girls serving beer in the stands. Coupled with Gary Brown dressed as Austin Powers, the snowball started to roll and every year topped the last. Like anything, it has its life cycle – this year was the 2nd or 3rd of the downward trend in audience numbers.

This shot which ran in the Herald on Sunday 8th February 2015, shows the large numbers of empty seats on the shaded side of the stadium. While previous years were sell outs, apparently the stadium was never full until the final as everyone was making a pub crawl through the day to get to the stadium. It was great to see the event in its current form. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next. A great idea I heard was getting a star like Lord to play after the final – certainly would be a great combo!

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