New Years Day 2014 picnic revels in the rain

I was really impressed by the positive attitude by Wellingtonians at this years New Years Day picnic put on by the Wellington City Council. The event was at Waitangi Park and featured 3 bands: Trinity Roots, Eb and Sparrow, and Vanessa Stacey, The Amazing Traveling Photobooth, Push Play, Kids games and a chill out zone sun shade zone for adults. The sun shade zone quickly became a rain shelter and the heavens opened and eventually shut down the event during the event early. While Trinity Roots set, there were a bunch of hardy fans who danced in the rain and reminded me of the footage I saw of Woodstock in the sixties!

Eb and Sparrow playing

Eb and Sparrow playing with the growing crowd behind them. The day had all the hallmarks of a classic summer event with the community gathering to celebrate the start of 2014.

New Years Day Picnic

I loved these girls Mum’s comment about dressing her twins with wetsuits: “This is not my first picnic” classic!

New Years Day Picnic

Even after the rain started, there was plenty of things to do. This little guy was put their by his Dad to see how he would handle it. He did great and hung there for a good few seconds waving his legs around…

New Years Day Picnic

This to me is what Wellington is all about. Yes the weather can be terrible at times, but its our reaction to it and our attitude that makes it all good.

New Years Day Picnic

This couple also had the right attitude, turning their picnic rug into a makeshift shelter so they could continue on enjoying the music and managing a boogie while they were at it. Summer in Wellington can be fun if you want it to be.

Here’s a slideshow of all the photos I captured on the day… Enjoy!


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