LivingStandardsNZ conference at Treasury 3-5 December 2013

The McGuinness Institute in association with Treasury ran a 3 day workshop called LivingStandardsNZ: I took part in covering 4 + 5 December including a presentation by the participants to Treasury. As with all the McGuinness Institute events I have covered, it was rigorous and grueling for both the presenters and the participants. I often heard comments like “stress testing the Living Standards model.” It’s also a pressure cooker of discussion and thought  which in many ways stress tests the participants. I was really inspired by the presentations, particularly the third case study they did “Human Capital – Growing Talent.” My former teacher and now principal at Wellesley College spoke about the schools philosophy of learning and teaching.

I can vouch for the two years I spend at Wellesley in years 7 and 8 as pivotal in my appreciation for the arts, and developing a sense of curiosity in the world around me. That has definitely shaped who I have become today as a working photographer. The participants in the workshop were all very intelligent young people from all around New Zealand. It was encouraging to see them in action, knowing that there are so many great minds that New Zealand may be able to retain by a high standard of living.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, Wendy McGuiness reading over notes looking forward in the days schedule.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, Wendy McGuinness reading over notes looking forward in the days schedule.

2013_12_04 LivingStandardsNZ

Participants listen during the speaker presentation portion of the program. The questions were really good following for each subject with high level thinking going on the whole day.

2013_12_04 LivingStandardsNZ

Warren Owen, principal at Wellesley College siting down with a table of participants to discuss further the issues around Human Capital – Growing Talent.

2013_12_04 LivingStandardsNZ

McGuinness Institute staff posted around the room models that were developed to “stress test” frameworks and potentially come up with new, innovative solutions.

2013_12_04 LivingStandardsNZ

Participants engaged in high level discussions and also I think bonded during the process. By the Thursday presentation it seemed like they had known each other for a long time.

2013_12_05 LivingStandardsNZ

A group photo of all the participants, Treasury staff and McGuinness Institute staff in the foyer of Treasury.

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