Wellington’s Best Dressed

Cover of September 2013 FishHead Magazine: Wellington’s Best Dressed People Revealed.

This is a recent cover which we shot at Mighty Mighty on Cuba Street. Many thanks to David Broome for assisting on this one. There was a bit of time pressure getting the group shots as well as full length individuals. Thanks also to Sally Thompson from Mighty Mighty for being so accommodating to us moving furniture and transforming the space to work as a temporary photo studio. Finally special thanks to Richard Aindow (editor of FishHead Magazine) for pulling off yet another miracle putting together the shoot, and Laura McQuillan (writer) Sopheak Seng and Samantha Hannah for the article and doing the judging panel.

This page is the opener to the article in the magazine. The shot is a fun one that we did toward the end of the shoot – getting everyone to do their own thing for a bit…

One of the pages that have the individual fill length portraits with the really cool wood paneling and green skirting board which was behind the comfy couch next to the stage area.


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