Tackle a Tui competition: Free Beer!

During the recent Hurricanes vs Highlanders match at Westpac Stadium, I was photographing action sports though not on the field. I was in the stadium itself shooting the Tackle a Tui competition. With this, members of the public could register with one of the Tui girls, then have a go tackling the bag. If they tackled hard enough the machine would dispense them a free beer. There were also 4 winners who got to go onto the field at 1/2 time and compete to get the highest score. To view all the images from the event this is the link: http://www.tui.co.nz/Competitions/Tackle-a-Tui/Locations/Hurricanes-vs-Highlanders

The point of impact which was surprisingly solid for most people.

Overall a positive experience for this gentleman I would think…

A 360 degree view of the Tui stand in the Stadium. This is taken from where you make the run up on the artificial turf to the bag. My flash units are firing off on either side of the tackle bag and beer vending machine. Click on the image to view the 360 view. Use the mouse to move around in any direction…


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