Good Magazine: Shruthi Vijayakumar and P3 Foundation

Good Magazine ran a photo I took of Shruthi Vijayakumar who spoke about the P3 Foundation “Empowering Youth To End Poverty” at the Festival for the Future. As part of the coverage I shot portraits of the guest speakers. I photographed Shruthi in between speaking sessions, at the Wellington Foyer at Te Papa. Inspiring Stories, which hosted the event, were great, they helped round up the speakers so I could get the portraits within the tight program schedule of the weekend.

Andy Kenworthy has written a great article in the current edition of Good magazine, about how Shruthi has been able to balance studies and her social entrepreneurship ambitions, fitting it all together in a jam-packed schedule that would leave most people quaking in their boots! I look forward to see what Shruthi achieves in the near and long term future, inspiring to us all. Click this link to view my coverage of the Festival for the Future.

Original portrait of Shruthi at the Festival for the Future Saturday November 17, 2012.
Photo by Mark Tantrum |

A scan from Issue 30 (May/June 2013) edition of Good Magazine with the article by Andy Kenworthy


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