Elements of Photography: Week 2, understanding Aperture

Class 2 Understanding aperture. One of the most commonly used settings on a camera, aperture priority mode allows for photographers to change the depth of field and radically alters the appearance of photographs. A live demo then practice sessions with found objects or people.

  • Review photos taken during week. Lighting challenges, or did you think about some aspect of lighting?
  • Look through last weeks lighting workshop. Discuss and identify the lighting used.
  • Introduce the exposure triangle. Switching away from Program mode into Manual, or Aperture priority.
  • What does aperture do?
  • Depth of Field.
  • Overall Flash control.
  • DEMO: Show slideshow of sample images.
  • Workshop: F8 with 3 objects, f2.8 with same.
  • Extra time: Light Painting with tripod.

Sample photo of how a shallow depth of field can improve the appearance of portraits

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