Big lighting with Speedlights: A car ad for Johnston Ebbett Holden dealership

After shooting a recent business profile of Johnston Ebbett, I was commissioned to shoot an ad for the dealership comprising of a Holden Captiva with the features of the new showroom surrounding it.

I anticipated this to be a potential challenge lighting wise, but a problem looking for a solution. The idea was that this was not to blow out to a major production, the style was still to remain editorial yet look better than if it was shot without lighting.

photo of Holden Captiva

An example of an ‘after shot’ with lighting and toning adjustments. The final ad will be vertical in orientation to fit FishHead Magazine’s format.

Lighting Diagram

I ended up with 3 placed light sources, the main light on the car used 2 speedlights to give me more power.

I ran a GoPro in time-lapse mode to record the shoot. It’s shot at 1 frame every 10 seconds and plays back at 24 frames/ second so goes pretty quick, but gives you an idea of how the space was prepared, how we adjusted the cars position to suit the format of the ad and how the main or key light was positioned left of camera.

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