Backflipping wharf jumper

On Monday 11th March 2013, I was on a magazine assignment in Seatoun. We were shooting in a private house which was up on the hill overlooking Seatoun Wharf. When I first got there I noticed the Dominion Post Ferry picking up students from Scots College on their way back to Days Bay. I grabbed a few quick shots and started on the shoot.

About midday through the shoot, we were looking out over the harbour entrance again and noticed that there was now just a solitary figure standing on the wharf. An adult dressed in just board-shorts, he was mentally preparing to do a back-flip into the water. During the time we watched, he didn’t complete a jump. Rather was going through the motions up until the point when he would have actually leaped. Here is one of those moments- none of us knew if he was going to actually do it at any moment.


The jumper poised on the edge of the unknown. Our distant view as we watched him. If anyone knows who this is, would love to find out!

It turned out to be quite a nail biting process watching him. I became nervous that he was not competent and was going to end up injuring himself. It would have taken use some time to get down there to help. It became one of those things where you wanted to look away but couldn’t help watching to see that he was going to be OK. We had to get back to the shoot, so I have no idea what finally happened. We drove away about 45 minutes later, there was no one on the wharf then…



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