Aerial views of the Queen Mary 2 arrives in Wellington on March 13, 2013

I was assigned to work alongside Dominion Post photographer Ross Giblin and document the arrival of the luxury cruise liner, the Queen Mary 2. We went up in a Helipro Robinson and had 30 minutes flying time, which was the perfect amount of time for all the elements to come together. There was another cruise ship berthing at that time, so the tugboats were delayed slightly. By the time they arrived, the sun had fully come up, and the ship turned so that the city was directly behind her… its awesome when that happens!

The ship as she first turned into the harbour from the entrance. The sun was still rising at this point. It did make for a nice slight silhouette effect.

The ship with the city behind. The tugs really add some scale and colour which was lacking while we were hovering there at some expense while the clock was counting down on fuel!

Before we left back to base, I changed to a long lens and got some detail of the ship with the tug for scale. I’d for sure like to see inside the ship. I hear it is very stunning. Next time its here perhaps?

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