Some fun costumes at todays Rugby Sevens

On the way back from an art directed shoot with lighting equipment, I was passing by Wellington Waterfront and decided to stop for an hour and get some shots of some Rugby Sevens fans. There were many great costumes, I only photographed a tiny fraction of the amazing sights passing by. I was by Wagamama Restaurant looking out to Mount Victoria with Oriental Bay in the background.

Bizarre is the only word I can come up with this one. Yes those are adult nappies (diapers), and yes, he was planning on using them…

I got a rather nice hug from one of these guys. I think there should be more of these creatures around all the time!

Right after taking this shot, I got a tap on the shoulder and offered a similar hug. Certainly makes you smile.

I liked the Exit sign idea, not sure why. I guess its the face covered costumes that just look surreal. The balls are iconic Wellington Waterfront too. I had to add that into the mix with the pointing gesture.

These guys were Kiwis living in Melbourne who came back for the Sevens. Lots of fun to chat with. An engineer and a draughtsman working on civil engineering projects together.

The Aviator costume stood out too. These guys were great hamming it up for the camera. A couple from the UK who have been living in Wellington for a few years now.

Parting shot- let me show you the exit, sir…

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