Early morning swimmers training for Taupo Ironman

On Saturday February 9, 2013 I was up at dawn photographing some friends who are in training for the Taupo Ironman which is happening on Saturday March 2nd 2013 this year. As a part of being up early with a coffee in hand, I managed to witness some pretty cool happenings. As an adventure sports photographer in based Wellington, I’m always looking for opportunities to shoot here. Luckily, there are world class athletes doing their thing right under my nose on a regular basis.

My friends leaving me behind to face a rather cold blustery morning swimming session. Quite choppy and uninviting. Witnessing all the Ironmen and women is a humbling experience. Makes getting up early to go for a job seem rather doable. Freyberg Beach heading out toward the raft and buoys…

Looking out toward the lighthouse and Lower Hutt in the far distance, using my 300mm lens, I spotted a swimmer rounding a buoy as part of their training session. Oriental Bay area.

Three athletes appeared while I was waiting for my friends to return and chatted while they prepared to get in the water. Earlier, a container ship had come into the harbour and was waiting for the tugboats to arrive. The wind started dragging it in toward Freyberg Beach, and like a 3D movie it started to grow in my field of view. Quite a surreal experience wondering if the ship was going to end up coming right onto the beach…

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