State Capital Classic swim: Wellington, Sunday January 27, 2013.

The State Capital Classic happens every year in Wellington, this year it happened on Sunday January 27, 2013. It consists of a 3.3KM main course which starts from the water in front of Frank Kits Park, straight out to the lighthouse then back to Freyberg Beach. There is also a 1000M and 300M race, followed by a kids 200M. These all original in Oriental Bay and finish at Freyberg Beach.

A family walk hand in hand toward the start line of the 3.3KM swim. It looked to me like 2 generations supporting the middle one here!

The start line of the 3.3KM long course – a water start with the elite swimmers in the foreground with the multi coloured caps.

A couple of my photos of the winners crossing the finish line ran in The New Zealand Herald | 2013-01-28 | New Zealand | Page: 67

A swimmer to watch out for in the future: Cortney Carson, who placed 3rd in this years Capital Classic and 3rd at La Grande Swim 2012. She is 15 years old and hails from Wellington.

Parting Shot:

Another swimmer pointed this out to me- really nice touch having the dressing gown over the top of the wetsuit on the crisp morning air in Wellington at 6:30am!


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