Slacklining by Shed 6 on Wellingtons Waterfront

I was photographing exterior shots for Shed 6 and the TSB Arena on the waterfront today. I saw a young man attaching some webbing to the wharf the first time I passed by but didn’t thing too much of it. The next time I walked by, the line was fully set up. I asked Richard (pictured) if he wouldn’t mind giving a demo, quickly as I only had a few minutes as I was about to photograph the Board of Trustees for Positively Wellington Venues. He was only too happy to oblige and jumped on the line right away.

Richard Cwiertnia walks a slackline setup between the corner in front of Frank Kitts Park and Shed 6 on Wellington’s waterfront.

Richard walking out into the ether. There were a few wobbles at points but he managed really well to keep balance. The other end of the line is attached to the yellow cleat on the very left of the frame… long way to go!

Some kayakers came up and checked out the action. Here you can see Te Papa in the background. Passed half way now I think…

And at the end of the rope, only a few steps to go. Richard had fallen in I think as he was wet already, so I was curious to see if he would make it this time. He did, with ease.

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