Photographing a mirrored artwork: All day shoot for one picture

In a challenging brief, I was asked to photograph a mirrored artwork for a client. The concept with photographing mirrors or highly reflective surfaces is simple. Create a blackout studio where only the lens is visible to the surface. In practical terms, this means creating an environment that doesn’t happen normally. For this project, I went to Portsmouth Hire which is part of the Miramar film and Park Road Post’s group of companies:

The guys there recommended hiring ‘floppies’ which are 6 foot square black frames that go onto C-stands. These formed the foundation of the black out studio. I then added black fabric and white lighting panels to complement theĀ  set. Here is a time-lapse of the day long process from taking delivery of the artwork through to art dealer David Alsop from {Suite} Gallery picking up at the end of day- not seen is me rushing to make the returns deadline for the rental gear!

Screenshot from the video, click on image to view on my site

Mirrored Artwork Photo Shoot time-lapse

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