Product review of the Lowepro Vertex 300 AW camera bag

I purchased this bag from Wellington Photographic Supplies Paddy was very responsive to emailed questions and really helpful overall. I ended up picking up the bag from the Vivian Street store which is closer to my studio.

I learned about the bag through American photographer Michael Clark in his book Adventure Photography. It has been around for a while and seems popular with photographers who need a big bag that can handle the elements. I had a good few years using the now discontinued Computrekker AW backpack. The AW stands for All Weather and is has proven very helpful shooting outdoors in New Zealand!

Here is the overview of the bag


 Some of the key features that I really like about the bag and why I chose it over other brands and styles:

  • The All Weather cover is an essential item as I am frequently out shooting in the rain and need to protect my gear that is with me not currently being used. I have rain covers for cameras I am shooting with, but need peace of mind for the rest.
  • Its a large bag which enables carrying some Speedlight flashes as well as my full kit of DSLR’s and lenses.
  • The harness system is really comfortable and stable. Really essential when climbing into locations where you need sure footing and stable gear.
  • Laptop compartment. With this sized bag, you can fit in any size laptop. Not a feature I use all the time to be honest, mostly I use a TIMBUK2 laptop messenger bag.
  • As with all Lowepro bags, its customizable – you can move the dividers around and set it up to suit the occasion. Generally, I set mine up in a certain way and stick with it. This lens goes here, cameras here etc. Occasionally for s special trip I will change it up which is easy to do.

View showing the AW cover over the bag


For those who have a full kit, consisting of 2 pro DSLR camera bodies, and a few pro lenses then this is a comfortable and safe way to transport your gear in potentially hostile outdoor environments. The extra size enables you to pack a couple of strobes and have the ability to light your subject as well, all in one bag. Full disclosure, all the gear mentioned in one bag will be very heavy! This is more a pack in type bag. From there you can take kit out and shoot, its not for street photography with easy access while walking or anything like that.

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