Next generation of photographers came to visit my studio

Last week, I had a group of students from my old school, Wellesley College come to visit my studio. It was organized by the boys art teach Eve Owen. Eve taught me art when I was at Wellesley. It was such a positive experience that it helped shaped my career path towards being a full time professional photographer.

The boys were really polite, holding their hands up when they had a question


I was allowed to go to the art studio prior to school starting, or stay on after school was finished and work on my projects. There were a handful of boys who were really into art like I was and who car pooled into the school. We would get dropped off early or have to wait for one of our parents to pick us up. The result of my time at Wellesley was the fostering of a love of learning and a passion for visual communication.


Chatting with the group in the studio

It was a real honor to be asked by Eve to have a group of 10 boys who are interested in photography to arrange a visit. Apparently there are around 40 in total who are keen, but she had to limit the numbers to who would fit on the bus! I greeted the boys in the foyer of Toi Poneke, there was a audible excitement in the air of a school group ‘on tour.’


We met and found seats around the studio space and had a chat about my work and what the boys interest in photography is. It turned out to be a great conversation that went on for an hour without really tiring. There were some great questions like:


What cameras do you use?

When did you choose to be a photographer?

Do you take photos on your time off?

What software do you use?


Some of the boys want to be professional photographers. Others mention journalists, multi-media producers and one a doctor! It was a refreshing conversation, one that left me feeling energized. It was great seeing myself at the age of the boys- and what I might I think of the person I had become. As always, we are works in progress. I was heartened, but saw that there is still much work to do…

Discussing some prints on the wall that the boys quizzed me about

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