Clean, green “Cargo Bikes” in Wellington, May 2012…

Wellington's Mayor Celia Wade-Brown cycles with Glenys Coughlan - CEO Positively Wellington Venues, Dan Mikkelsen from Restaurant Associates, and Matt Hoyle from Multi-Media.

Wellington has surprised me again for thinking out of the box, using tried and true technologies like pedal power to get goods around town. Positively Wellington Venues has set up two bikes that are capable of carrying 100KG in a weather sealed cargo space. The bikes are designed and built in Europe. According to the comments on the Dominion Post article in Stuff, the bikes may well be produced locally by an enterprising DIY Kiwi with #8 wire and a space in the garage. That would be cool, wouldn’t mind seeing that, or even the “Mountain Buggy” off-road version of the Cargo Bike!



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