Wellington’s top Chefs rally together to support Neonatal Trust

12 of Wellington’s top Chef’s including Al Brown, Simon Gault, Martin Boseley, Laurent Loudeac joined forces to produce a cookbook, the proceeds of which will go to help families of premature and sick newborn babies. The direct link to buy the book for $39.95 is here. I was asked to help out and donate some photography to the Neonatal Trust on Friday 27 April, 2012 at Mojo Coffee headquarters on Wellington Waterfront. To view the gallery with all the images from the morning, click here.

Still with her feeding tube in place from being at the Neonatal Ward, a young healthy girl now out enjoying the day at Mojo with her Mum.

Essentially the event was intentional and well organized chaos, event organizer and project manager for the book project, Nikki Nobilo said that this type of chaos is part of daily life in the Neonatal Unit with lots of people in close proximity to each other- the event very accurately replicated this environment! One of the Mum’s was also telling me that her daughter sleeps through anything now as she so used to noise and activity.

Al Brown shares a tasty morsel with a hungry young lad


The kids were just great – having an understanding of what kind of tough start they have had, makes you appreciate them all them more. It’s really heartening to know that Wellington has one of the best Neonatal units in the Southern Hemisphere – capable of taking care of children at 22+ weeks. Also impressive was the willingness for Wellington’s chefs to get involved and help out. I’d like to see more photographers taking part in and initiating projects that give back to the community. My small involement today is a small step in that direction.

The chefs really made an effort to get around and talk to the families. These will be they type of people the book will be helping in the future - regular folks who for whatever reason find themselves needing serious help.

An interesting observation one of the Mum’s shared was that if she had her daughter in the US, that now they would be bankrupt as medical insurance would not have covered all of their expenses. While we hope we would never need the support, its nice to know the community is there for when we do…

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