Parkor Session in central Wellington, 14 April, 2012.

I had photographed the Parkor Wellington crew late last year as part of a film project. We had kept in touch since about setting up another session, this time just stills. I thought a good idea to do location scouting and for me to learn more about the sport would be to follow the guys doing a freestyle session. It turned out very fruitful photographically too. The freedom and¬†flexibility¬†of going with the flow meant that we were able to capture ideas and sequences as they came up. There are some great locations that we want to revisit now, in hidden aspects of the city that most residents don’t see. There is a huge jump between two buildings that may one day be attempted. I’ll make sure to be there to help capture it on video and stills!

Here Tim compresses right down to land. It is an unusual type of Parkor shot, one that happened as I was looking at something else and happened to turn around as he was in the air flying toward me. The narrow depth of field of the 50mm f1.2 lens helps isolate him from the background.

On the waterfront, Rowan came into his own with a huge climb up two cables. He went right to the top, but I liked this height where he looks like he is walking up Mt Victoria like a giant.

This was in the CBD area - while walking to another location on the Terrace, the guys started working the angles where normally office workers have their cigarettes.

Another angle of the same wall - I slowed down the shutter to get a little movement happening...

A favorite location of mine - where I was about 3 stories down between two buildings. This is not a jump you would want to mess up, especially for the photographers sake!

Another view of the same jump - this shows the perspective of what I was seeing. A totally crazy thing to witness, but a relatively safe jump for the athletes.

Another 'hidden gem' in the city. Tim contemplates a technical jump from a static point to another static point about 3 meters away.

Max committing fully to the same technical jump - one he made with ease, but now that I look at the image, it is incredible what these guys are capable of.

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