Face to Face with the future: Video Games are cool

Little old New Zealand can innovate! On Tuesday night, Anna invited me along to the Gamefroot Launch party at City Gallery in Wellington. It is an online gaming platform where anyone can go online and create a 2D based game. It’s so simple, even the kids are experts! At the launch party, a pannel of kids demonstrated the making of the games in real time. They drew in backgrounds, created characters and had the game working in front of our eyes.

The pannel of kids showing both how amazingly digital native they are and also how easy the platform is to work with..

One of the coolest things I think about Gamefroot is that you can upload your own graphics into the system and ‘brand’ the game to suit. One example was Hells Pizza, a New Zealand based gourmet brand that have made a game that was being demoed – they can then link to the game from their website and also award prizes like vouchers for people who do well playing. Another great example is the Wot Wots from Weta Workshops.

Martin Baynton, co-creator of the Wot Wots speaks to the crowd about the possible future applications of the platform including producing 'nice' video games- like the one they developed with the Wot Wot characters.

I’m not sure where the direct correlations between video game production and professional photography are. Perhaps I could in future be asked to photograph elements and characters that can be used in video games. Its certainly interesting seeing how the overall branding strategy of using games as part of a campaign ties in really well. It’s definitely a space that I’m going to keep watching, especially now that I have a little one on the way…


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