Killer Whales in Wellington Harbour!

On the way back from a corporate shoot in Wellington, we spotted lots of people looking over the side of Oriental Bay at the water. I pulled over to check out what all the fuss was about and saw 3 Orca coming right in close to the waters edge. They were juvenile Orca – the big ones were out in the middle of the bay. It was incredible seeing them so close, playing with each other and rolling around in the shallow water.

Cars were pulling over at random places with people just in awe looking into the water. A bus even stopped dead in its tracks and the driver got out to take a look. A fire engine going the other way also stopped, meaning all traffic was halted both ways!

Orca in Wellington Harbour

3 Juvenile Orca come right up to edge of the water with members of the public walking along with them as they playTwo kayakers follow the Orca as they move through Wellington Harbour

Two kayakers follow Orca in Wellington Harbour

Two kayakers follow the Orca as they move through Wellington Harbour


Orca move off into the center of the Harbour

Orca move off to the center of Wellington Harbour with a seagull in tow

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