Gear for going up in the Westpac Rescue Helicopter

In order to be safe while up on the rescue missions, I made the call that I want nothing to dropp or fall from me including gear. To do this, I have rigged up a simple system that works well. It consists of a heavy duty grip belt from which I have looped climbing rope into carabiners which then clip onto my camera straps. I also have a webbing belt that connects to my camera bag should that come off my neck and shoulder.

Two cameras and a bag all linked to a grip belt to make sure nothing falls out while I am in the air

I’m going with 2 camera bodies – full frame Nikons + a 10.5mm fisheye, a 14-24mm wide, 24-70mm standard and either a 85mm or 70-200mm long lens. I’ve found the 7-200 quite cumbersome so am going to try the smaller 85 on the next flight. The only problem is to make sure the ropes don’t get tangled and potentially caught on parts of the aircraft.

The key thing is patience, as its been 3 days to date with only 1 flight. Great to catch up on filing and paper work, but makes it difficult to get lots of photography in.


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