Editorial: Richter City Roller Derby, December 3, 2011

Roller Derby group shot

A shot with all the teams center track at the end of the night

I was there photographing the Richter City Roller Derby “The Fright before Xmas” December 3, 2011. The teams were Richter City All Stars vs Dead End Derby All Stars (CHCH). and Richter City Convicts vs Hellmilton Roller Gouls.

When the Christchurch team rolled out to warm up, there was a 5.7 on the Richter scale earthquake – quite surreal! There was confetti from previous events like the World of Wearable Arts show that came down from the rafters. Here is a link to view all the images from the shoot.

Richter City Roller Derby

A nice action shot with some good light via an off camera flash unit positioned out of the eyeline of the atheltes

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