Artists at work in Toi Poneke studios: A View From Where I Was Sleeping

I was approached by Paul Neason and Steffen Kreft from National Park Studios to take some images of a collaborative project they were working on with artist Kate Woods. The Dowse Art Gallery Blog says about the project A View From Where I Was Sleeping” takes its name from a poem of the same name by Gregory O’Brien, and will feature various collaborative art and design projects.”

I spent some time discussing what the team had in mind for the images, including getting an understanding on what the work they were doing was, and what it looked like when they were actually collaborating as opposed to working on their own. The two images that were chosen were these ones- which show the studio space at National Park. I’m looking forward to seeing the final pieces – a great combination between photography, painting and film.

Link to the Dowse Art Museum’s blog:

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