Setting up the lighting for a portrait


Corporate portrait shot in the space

For this shot, I needed to match prior lighting on a portrait shoot I did earlier and get even lighting on the background scene as well as interesting lighting on the face. I used my Strobist kit for portability and the restricted space contraints. For this set up, I started with one main key light. This was a softbox mounted on a stand to the right of the subject. The next challenge was filling in some of the shadows on the other side. For this I mounted a reflector (with a white surface to cut down on reflections or colour casts). Then I found that the white plastic walls behind were getting too dark, so on the same stand as the reflector, I mounted a flash pointing up to the ceiling, feathering off the wall. The last touch was to add a light into the hallway to fill in the shadows falling off – I did need to cut this so I did not get spill on the subject. I used a lighting bag to do this, which worked well.

First set up showing the lights firing down the hallway

And with the bag blocking the light from spilling back on our subject- ready to shoot!

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