Parkor Video Project “Air-Time” video project live

South Coast Parkour from Toby Donald on Vimeo.

We spent a Sunday afternoon shooting this concept video on Wellingtons south coast.
The idea is to do a series of videos reflecting a subjective interpretation of flight. We want to distort the time athletes spend in the air by expanding the timeless and weightless moments they experience when doing extreme sports.

Concept and Photography: Mark Tantrum
Directing and Post: Toby Donald
Digital Acquisition and Time Lapse: Paul Neason
Producer: Julia Campbell, Mark Tantrum
Camera: Tom Donald, Toby Donald
Production assistant: Melissa Donald
Music: Riki Gooch
Sound design: Vic Parsons
Parkour: Tim Dorrian, Gerry Tuohy, Rowan Worthy, Max Bell

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