Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction

I shot these family portraits back in 2007. The family dog is named Shasta. He was a typical mellow lab, super happy to be around people and fun loving. I just got an email from the family saying that Shasta is being sued. Apparently Shasta was home alone when an intruder broke in. He startled and chased the burglar out of the family home onto the street. At this time, a young girl was riding a bike past the house.

The┬áburglar┬áran into the girl and knocked her over. The family of the girl are now suing Shasta’s family. The burglar probably has no money and is not worth going after. It sounds to me like a totally crazy story – truth is often stranger than fiction…

Shasta (on left) and family in a dog park, San Jose, 2007.

A pet portrait of Shasta in the park

The family again all together with Shasta - so sad they are now being sued...


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