A stop by to view the World Press Photo exhibition

Today, we went out on a huge run. Starting from Lyall Bay we ran into Wellington (10Kms), then stopped by and checked out the World Press Photo Exhibit. We ended up spending an hour doing a thorough look see. Some highlights for me were for sure the winner by Jodi Bieber. I had a hard time looking at this image for long. Truly disturbing- I guess that is the power of the contrast between a beautiful woman and a horrible disfigurement.

Other highlights were photos taken by a miner trapped underground in Chile. A journalist passed down a small digital camera. He photographed himself working out dragging a crate. There was a Google Image series of controversial scenes – things that the Google cameras picked up while covering the planet.

I really enjoyed the images by Martin Roemers http://www.martinroemers.com/ who won the daily life series. He shot long exposures in India and Indonesia which showed the overcrowding in cities. Very cool.

After that, we went on to run for another 25kms over the course of the day. Really enjoyable to get out there amongst it. Here is a map of the run – http://soc.li/mtTvunQ

Here is a shot I got on the run – a random window with a sale going on. No other indications as to what was actually for sale!

photo of sign with 50% off

A 50% off sale sign in a window - must be a bargain!






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