60 year storm surf

The stormĀ heraldedĀ as being one of the worst in 60 years just cleared today- there are still snow covered hills framing the south coast of Wellington and yet some hardy souls braved the frigid waters to get amongst the action. The sun is out and light offshore winds are starting to feather the enormous swell. Here are a few shots from the Wellington region taken on a rental 300mm lens that I wanted to try out before using at the NZ Post Book Awards tomorrow.

A meaty reef break with a lone body boarder out getting the last wave of his session hits a solid bottom turn.

A nice cutback with a rooster tail of spray - despite being a town break, some solitude was possible in this session

Parting shot- a fun wipe out image with some back lit spray. Surfing is pretty simple just a board and a wave, and of yeah, a surfer!

Want to see more? Click here to see the full shoot…

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