Wellington Pacific Forum held at Te Papa

On Tuesday, I photographed the Pacific Forum, an initiate put together with the help of the Wellington City Council and the Pacific Advisory Group members. It was held at Te Papa (The Museum of New Zealand) in the Telstra Clear room on the 4th floor. The community attending were made up from a lot of the same people I met at the Positively Pasifika Festival earlier in the summer.

Mayor Celia-Wade Brown opens the Pacific Forum

I liked the new format that was tried. After an official welcome by the Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Wellington City CEO Garry Poole there was a break out session with speakers on emergency preparedness and local initiatives to respond to global warming such as home insulation and heating improvements. I found it fascinating to listen in- there are a lot of great grants available to home owners and renters alike.

One of the break out sessions with a small group who broke off that to discuss the climate change initiaves on a personal level. This is shot through a plant and gives the edges of the frame a nice softness and "green" feel!

The forum proper happened after the break out sessions. I liked how the Mayor and councilors got amongst everyone and engaged in the discussions. Some of the issues were hotly debated and it was nail biting at times. The end result was one of consensus- most all the community and council are striving for the same issues. I liked how the Mayor framed climate change in relation to parking and waste disposal. You can’t all drive cars everywhere, have free parking and free land fill while expecting carbon emissions to stay low!

Mayor of Wellington amongst the people dicussing the issues. This is probably one of my favoriite shots of Celia from my time working with the council. To me it tells a story in one frame...

Parting shot: I like how in this break out session, the poster for home insulation is in the background of a man wrapped up nice and warm with his woolen jumper and scarf...

To view more images from the shoot, click here: http://marktantrum.com/Assignments/2011/May/



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