Trust Porirua City Brass Band

A recent fun shoot was the Trust Porirua City Brass band. The band plays a special concert each year much like the “Night at the Proms” events in England. I checked out some footage on You Tube before the shoot, watching footage of the massive stadium filling events that happen in the UK. The Kiwi version is on a smaller scale but no doubt is as much fun. They were a diverse bunch of musicians from different generations. I liked how well they all got along with the common interest of being in the band.  The setup was simple. Just inside their meeting room, I put two lights with umbrellas and allowed for plenty of bounce light from the white ceiling and walls. Then we just fun as a group and the images flowed naturally.

Trust Porirua City Brand Band members from left Mary Holt, Rachel Avison, John Jones.

Trust Porirua City Brand Band members from left Eloni Niu, Mary Holt, Kelvin Poris, Rachel Avison, Jane Holt, John Jones.


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