Somethings a little fishy!

I have been researching the possibility of getting a fish eye lens for the last few months. The main impetus for this is a possible partnership with a Virtual Reality company shooting 360 degree spherical images.

From our research here are the lenses best suited on a Full Frame (FX) camera:

nikkor 10.5mm
tokina 10-17mm
sigma 10mm
samyang 8mm

I ended up going with the Nikkor 10.5mm. For each 360 Panoramic, I will shoot 3 images to get the entire scene. Other reasons for choosing Nikon were the optics plus its a rock solid lens for use shooting adventure sports… Nikon also make the 16mm full frame fish-eye. However this would mean that each 360 panoramic would need 6 images + one looking up.

There is one caveat however. The traditional use of this lens is with cropped or DX lenses. It needs to have the lens hood “shaved” off. Basically this is a surgical procedure to modify the lens: Once this is done the field of view is greatly increased when using full frame cameras like the Nikon D3 or D700.

I am going to take the lens to a professional lens repair technician to have the work done. Even though it is easy enough to get the tools and have a go- I’d rather have someone who knows what they are doing.

Will post updates when the lens arrives and gets “shaved”

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