I discovered Parkour this weekend

I took a break while shooting the @Heart Plunge event to get some lunch. I went to the Frank Kits Underground Market and had a delicious burger from the Cheeky Pipi Cafe stand. On the way back up the steps to the Frank Kits Park above the market, I met Rowan Worthy who is a Parkour instructor. He agreed to allow me to get a few quick shots of him practicing clearing a rail. It was great to see the sport in action. Its definitely something that would be cool to shoot in some more exotic locations with some dramatic lighting.

Rowan clears the rail with both hands firmly holding onto the rail. This was his first pass- getting a feel for the height and landing options.

Rowan fully clears the rail through the air. While calculated, this stil is risky business!

Many thanks to Rowan, I look forward to trying out the sport myself someday soon…

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