Dancing Dogs

Here are some images from a lifestyle shoot of a Dog Trainer, Marika Bell from Dancing Dogs. The brief was to photograph her with a dog and if possible show a little of what she does. Apparently Marika is an expert in animal behavior and can work miracles with dogs. She told me that she spent a lot of time volunteering at the SPCA before starting her own consulting business here in New Zealand.

I like this as more of an action type image with the dog in full flight fetching the ball. It shows how he was really leaping and throwing himself at the ball.

The main challenge was the full sun conditions. Instead of trying to get Marika and her dog to fit into the small shade that was present at the dog park, I opted to put a light on a stand in the middle of the field and use that as a fill. The sun was behind camera and was the main light. Once that was all balanced, I simply was able to photograph going for peak action moments. It was hard to catch the little dog with its ultra fast movements, but I was happy with the behaviors I got.

I like how this shows the training in action, really getting the dogs full attention and focusing it on the task being requested.

It was great to talk with Marika about her business that she established only a year before mine. It’s encouraging to hear people who are out there and doing it and being successful. Also it was good to speak with someone who has moved here from North America and is flourishing. To view all the images from the shoot, click here.

This is a more subtle moment, but I like the expression of looking away perhaps thinking of where to throw the ball next. It spoke to me as an interesting moment.

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