Porirua Grand Traverse

Today, I shot photos of the Porirua Grand Traverse for Marathon Photos. I shot the starting area with the Mountain Bikers heading off the blocks. There were about 500 or so that I saw. I then had time to go get breakfast at Denny’s before heading over to the coast to cover the run.

This is where I ended up shooting:

Location of coastal shoot for Grand Traverse. Red dot on the coast is the shooting location, while the other is the parking area.

The view from the beach looking back to land:

View from the coast looking back to the land- the runners came from the right and went up to the left.

And looking back out to sea.

The view from the cliff looking out to the ocean. The runners came from the headland on the left and ran to the right up to Titahi Bay.

Another issue was the light on the runners was really harsh. I set up a couple of lights hanging off the cliff aiming back into the shaddow areas of the runners. This worked well to fill in the shaddows, especially under the caps. One issue was that the beam of light was quite narrow, meaning I had to get the shot quickly. Another solution would be to have more lights set up along the cliff, giving more options.

My flashes set up to fill in the shaddows on the runners in full sun. They are positioned on the rocks aimed at the spot where they run while in the sweet spot for me to photograph them.

A runner coming around the cliff face on the Grand Traverse

Two runners coming around the cliff. I like how the shaddows are still present in this one.

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