Health event with amazing Chinese performing arts groups

I photographed a health event which was for the Wellington City Council yesterday. It was a health fair for residents of community housing. This particular area had a large Chinese population. It was a real treat to be a part of the community for the day and feel the mellow vibe of the residents.

A cute moment where kids are being kids. I love the fact that they are eating so healthily... Well its on the plate at least!

I particularly liked the performances that were arranged for residents by members of the Wellington Chinese Senior Community. The choir and the Tai Chi demonstrations were really cool.

Chinese Senior Community choir musician who spotted me and lit up with a huge smile.

My sister and brother and law returned the same day from a trip to mainland China with stories and vivid descriptions of life there. It felt like a small prism into what they were describing earlier that morning.

Tai Chi by Chinese Senior Community.

This shot has a real blend of cultures and is in an environment that would not be typical for traditional Tai Chi practice. For that reason, I like it even more!

To view the entire take (all photos taken) click here:

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