2011 Karapoti Classic mountain bike race

This year, while photographing for Marathon Photos, I was assigned to shoot from a corner in the Akatarawa Gorge. It was deep in the bush with low light levels. The brief was to get more action based images- that showed a bit of movement and used off camera strobe lighting to create a dynamic image.

Shot from my position on the inside of the corner. 2011 Karapoti Classic Mountain Bike Race.

The challenges with this day were the location and weather. The location was 2km in from the end of the road up single track. I enlisted the help of my assistant (and Dad) Alan to help with the logistics of lugging gear, food and drink. The rain was dealt with by using full body Gortex wet weather gear. For my camera, I used a Think Tank rain cover (fully waterproof). On my off camera strobe units, I used plastic food covers, purchased from a supermarket.

Here is a behind the scenes video of the shoot:

It was great to see the numbers of riders that were out there to have a good time – lots of families, kids, people on uni-cycles and tandems. It reminded me how much fun cycling is, that getting out there in nature is so important. Go on, get on ya bike!
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