The Hurricanes Rugby Open Day

On Sunday the Hurricanes hosted an open day in Newtown. It filled the entire rugby field and included rippa rugby, an inflatable castle and a chance to meet with the players. About 1200 children turned making it a huge success as an event. The event was run by the Rugby World Cup Legacy Group and Wellington Rugby. Walking down the driveway to the grounds it looked pretty full on-

The walk down from the parking lot had this view – a beautiful day in the park sheltered from all wind. Click on image to view all the photos from the day…

The initial challenge was in figuring out to shoot. There were people everywhere and it was especially hectic around the players who were getting mobbed by kids wanting autographs. I tried shooting editorial style shots of the players who were really great with the kids, displaying patience and professionalism signing whatever the kids wanted, including a forehead at one stage!

There was an announcer giving updates on the PA system, with activities like a scrum demonstration. I figured this was worth a look at it proved to be very cool. The Wellington Referees Association organized the demonstration with Hurricanes players and volunteers fromt eh crowd.

Michael Bent participates in a demonstration scrum with visiting kids who volunteered to take part. Click on image to view all the photos from the day...

Another cool thing that came over the PA was that All Black Piri Weepu was going to brave the bouncy castle and that all kids were welcome to tackle him. About 50 + kids swarmed Piri and at times I thought he was going to get badly hurt or suffocate. Somehow, he seemed to come up smiling each time. He is one very tough customer to survive that kind of flash mob repeatedly!

Emerging from a break up of a flash mob of kids, Piri Weepu comes up for air on the bouncy castle. Click on image to view all the photos from the day...

Here is the photo that ran in today’s Dominion Post newspaper:

From the sporting section of the Monday, February 28, 2011 The Dominion Post.




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