Phillip and Janet Reidy, Ration Creek Orchard – Pauatahanui

I was assigned by the Porirua City Council today to shoot the owners of Ration Creek Orchard for an upcoming announcement of the Orchard being open to the public for the summer season. The Orchard is opening on the 1st March and will remain open until April. The cool thing is that punters will be able to pick their own apples directly from the tree. This ensures the produce is as fresh as possible. Larger commercial operations harvest their apples in one or two pickings with all the apples remaining in cool stores. I am excited to return myself and sample the difference fresh of the tree makes. I even got a couple of sample pre-season apples to take home. I am waiting till tonight to try and share.

Phillip and Janet Reidy stand in the shade of in their orchard, Ration Creek Orchard

The challenge was a midday sun which was harsh and overhead. To counteract this, I placed the subjects in the shad and shot back into the direction of the sun This meant the leaves glowed and looked more colourful. It was also more comfortable for the subjects to be out of the sun and not looking at it…

Phillip and Janet Reidy have a bit of fun with their dog "tip" who actually enjoys eating apples!

I really enjoyed meeting the couple, who have enjoyed a busy life working in the city and now getting out and being amongst nature. Its motivating seeing people who have been hardworking and successful shifting focus and living life to the fullest in every way.

A fun shot of Phillip and Janet shot through the apple trees with the fruits of their labour in the foreground

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