New artworks are up at Porirua Train Station

I was commissioned to photograph the new artwork and photography displays that are up in the underpass at Porirua Train Station. They are part of a multi-million dollar upgrade to the station involving retrofitting and repairs to the existing structures. Things like the underpass lighting with custom stainless steel lighting fixtures look like they involved a lot of time and money to do. The end result with the murals painted by local artists and massive photographic displays are really impressive. I have not seen what the station looked like before, but am impressed how nice it looks now.

My brief was to photograph the Mayor Nick Leggett in front of some of the large installations with a sense of the space being used and appreciated by the public. Then in a separate brief I was asked to capture a sense of the displays while showing something cool, like people walking past and blurring in the frame. Lastly, I was asked to capture a record of the installations to show accurately how they look finished and in their pristine state. There was a challenge in lighting- with deep shadows and harsh sunlight above, so I set up a softbox on a stand to illuminate the Mayor.

Test shot of the lighting setup with one softbox reaching balance with the natural ambient light. Here my Dad/ assistant stands in for the Mayor who is set to arrive any minute. Nikon D3, 14mm-24mm lens at 14mm. Soft-box on right.

The other challenge was that the station is a really busy space with people coming and going. We even had a security guard come by and warn us to be careful of our gear. Having my Dad who was working as an assistant was invaluable as we had to quickly pick up and move to different locations once the Mayor arrived. Dad was able to watch the gear while I walked with the communications staff and Mayor discussing variations of shots to achieve in the small window of time we had.

A final shot, Mayor Nick Leggett in front of photographic mural installations at the Porirua Train Station underpass. Nikon D3, 14mm-24mm lens at 14mm, soft-box positioned on left.

The great thing working with the Porirua City Council is that the Mayor and the Communications Staff are all young and innovative. They are flexible and keen to try new things. Its great when shooting as they have a clear brief yet allow me to bring ideas to the table and work collaboratively in realizing images.

A general shot showing the murals in place. This wide angle shot shows off the way the work wraps around the stairs much better than a standard lens. I really like the colours and wonderful detail in the murals. Nikon D3, 14-24mm lens at 14mm. Natural lighting.

To view all the images from the shoot you can click this link:

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