Largest plane ever to land at Wellington Airport – Air New Zealand Boeing 777

Air New Zealand's new long haul Boeing 777 touches down at Wellington International Airport for the first time. Photo by Mark Tantrum |

Today I got to witness the largest plane to land at Wellington International Airport. It was an historic event, with such a large plane gracing the tarmac for the first time. The plane was largely empty, with low fuel levels to make it safe for landing. Also there are adjustable breaks on planes, so the systems brakes were turned all the way up for this landing. The pilots received special training for the landing- it must have been like landing on a aircraft carrier for them. Apparently there was a special line painted on the runway that they had to touch down on – otherwise it would have been to late and they would have had to make another pass around. From where I was, it looked like a text book landing…

Wellington International Airport CEO Steven Fitzgerald with Pilot David Wilson in the cockpit of the new long haul Boeing 777. Photo by Mark Tantrum |

Rex Nichols, Kerry Prendergast and Jane Tosh (Customer Service Agent, Air New Zealand) on board the new Air New Zealand long haul 777. Photo by Mark Tantrum |

Salley Casto (PA Events), Ian Collier (Air New Zealand Regional Sales Manager), Grant John (International Concierge) in front of the new long haul Air New Zealand 777. Photo by Mark Tantrum |

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