Comedians from “The Nat Pack” promotional shoot

Here are some of the promotional photos I took for the promotion of the show “The Nat Pack” which is part of the NZ Comedy Festival, 2011. They perform on the 10th May at the Boiler Room which is in the Freyberg Beach Tug Boat, downstairs from the Parade Cafe.


Nathan Winter portrait by the inside of the hull of the Tug Boat/ Boiler Room venue.
Nathan Winter portrait by the inside of the hull of the Tug Boat/ Boiler Room venue.

The other star of the show is Natalie Britten. I also shot a portrait of her at the same spot as Nathan. Its cool that each shot shows so much of the performers style and personality which is quite different but complements each other. I used a directional flash zoomed right out at a strong angle across the background wall. The ribs of the ship added shadowing naturally which I liked. I even added to it by shooting the flash through some upturned chairs that were to the right of the subjects to add a little randomness. You can see it in Nathan’s shot on the bottom left. From there it was simply a matter of getting a good moment with the right expression.

Portrait of Natalie Britten at the same spot in the Boiler Room.

Lastly we did a shot outside showing the venue and promoting the fact that it is really cool. It’s on a boat for goodness sake! It was a run and gun type shot. The day was super hot, and there were thousands of people out enjoying the beach, the water and jumping off the wharf where we shot from. Anna, who was assisting had to tell a group of teenagers where to go- they were trying to get in front of the camera while were were shooting. Good work Anna! She also held a reflector which I think was vital for the shot to work technically. Simple shot- but a lot of fun…

The Nat Pack outside the Parade Cafe/ The Boiler Room venue, Freyberg Beach, Wellington.

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