State Capital Classic, NZ Ocean Swim

I photographed at the State Capital Classic Swim again this year. Last year the swim was my first shoot back in New Zealand. This year, I had the benefit of knowing what to expect. It turned out to be a blast- I only wish that I could have entered!

A highlight was photographing Richard Ussher who made a special guest appearance as part of his training taper for the 2011 Coast to Coast. Here he is photographed about to be interviewed by TV crews prior to the swim.

Richard Ussher, a laid back Kiwi star chatting before his interview by Freyberg Beach, Oriental Bay, Wellington.

Kane Bradford eventually came in over the finish line first – he was a favorite and really performed well on the day. Here is some more technical information on the race from the Blue Seventy Blog.

Kane Bradford runs to the water at the start of the 2011 State Ocean Swim.




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