Exhibition Opening for Portrait Artist Natalie Britten

On the 28th January, 2011 I went to the exhibition opening for Natalie Britten’s portrait exhibition and took social pictures. I met Natalie while working for Capital E and the Wellington City Council. She is a woman of many talents- not only working as a visual artist, she is active in the performing arts as well, taking part in the upcoming Comedy Festival in Wellington.

The venue for the opening was the Bats Theater bar, a cool and hip little space that suited perfectly. The trick was to work in a confined space. I ended up getting by that restriction by going out the side door and walking back around to the front via the street. The only other problem I encountered was that all of the people were so interesting- it was hard to drag myself away from the conversations that I found myself being a part of!

I am happy with the results – it was great being able to have so much time with the artist and shoot a few variations of her portrait. Normally getting access to key players is much more restricted. I liked also the shot with the portrait of her grandfather. Not only is this fun as a shot, but I think it has deeper meaning and significance as a record of the artist and her work.

Portrait of the artist with her work - a depiction of her grandfather at the opening night. Photo by Mark Tantrum | www.marktantrum.com

Here is a link to the article that appeared in Scoop:


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Website address:http://nataliebritten.com/
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Kailey Carruthers, social media co-ordinator, Rebecca McMillan Publicist, NZ Film Festival Trust. Photo by Mark Tantrum | www.marktantrum.com

Phil Jacks and Natalie Britten. Photo by Mark Tantrum | www.marktantrum.com

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