Smart Power Portrait shoot

In December, I shot a company website profile update for Smart Power Ltd. They are based in Paremata near Wellington. The shoot was in the morning, my brief was to go, set up a portable studio and shoot portraits of 10 people including a group portrait.

Portrait of all 10 Smart Power employees shot in front of a spare wall next to a cafe by the company offices.

When I got there, the best location was outside, in the courtyard under the covered walkway linking all of the office buildings. The light was diffused from low hanging fog so was beautiful and the spot I chose was like a natural door frame with open shade. The challenge I faced was that once set up and the portrait sessions started, the sun had burned through the fog and was now beaming directly into my studio setup! There was no more time to move the set up as the manager had to leave for a meeting and needed his portrait done asap. Luckily my client was super helpful and was willing to hold a diffusion panel for me (no assistant was budgeted for the shoot). For the most part this worked, however there was a corner retouch needed on many of the shots as the diffuser was in frame.

Example of a casual pose we did with the while backdrop set up under the covered walkway

Example of a casual pose we did with the while backdrop set up under the covered walkway

I liked the brief for this shoot. The idea was to show more of the personality of the subjects. Allowing them to have a bit of fun in the shoot and be more casual. Once I conveyed the message that the portrait was not formal and that we could relax, it made for a fun shoot- I’d like to do more corporate portraits like this. A good way for companies to show that they are friendly and approachable.

Another fun pose just showing that the company is made up of real people that are friendly and approachable!

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